Time really is money in the logging business, and an APPM strawline winch fitted to your backline excavator will save you hours in the bush and look great on your bottom line.

There are 3 standard models, with maximum pulling powers of between 3000 – 6000kgs.

Of course, if you need something bigger or smaller, or have another piece of equipment in mind, talk to us. We’re great at making your ideas happen!

Winch ModelMax Pulling PowerMax SpeedRope CapacityRope Size
ST30003,000kg4.2 M/s (15 km/h)350m10mm Nylon
ST40004,000kg3.2 M/s (11 km/h)350m10mm Nylon
ST65006,500kg2.3 M/s (8.2 km/h)350m14mm Nylon


Our team understands the cost of downtime and the urgency that is needed to get you back up and going whatever the application.